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Research and Special Projects

Bay Mills Community College has been both an initiator and collaborator in research activity. When BMCC faculty and staff serve as principal investigators (PIs), and BMCC is the lead institution on a research project, the BMCC Institutional Review Board (IRB) policies and procedures are utilized. In cases where BMCC faculty and staff are collaborators on a research project led by another institution or agency, BMCC relies on the IRB process of the lead institution or agency.

Research conducted by constituencies which are external to BMCC (colleges and universities, public or for-profit agencies) and take place within the Bay Mills Indian Community, or involves members of the Bay Mills Indian Community, or faculty, staff, or students at BMCC, must adhere to the IRB requirements of the sponsoring institution (not BMCC) and receive permission from the Bay Mills Indian Community Executive Council or BMCC IRB Administrator to conduct such research. Researchers from BMCC must also receive approval to conduct research within the Bay Mills Indian Community, or any other applicable jurisdiction. Generally, external researchers seeking approval to conduct research involving BMCC faculty, staff, or students must provide at minimum to BMCC their project introduction, methodology, copies of data collection tools, and proof of IRB approval from their home institution for consideration.

For inquiries regarding research at BMCC, please contact BMCC IRB Administrator, Dr. Steve Yanni.

Native American Medicinal Plants: Encouraging STEM Educational Partnerships through Indigenous Knowledge (ACS Collaborative Opportunities Grant)

Anthropogenic Contribution of Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Their Foodweb Implications in Waishkey Bay, Michigan: with an Investigation of Freshwater Mussels as a Sentinel (USDA NIFA 2017-38424-27083)