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NOTICE: The wearing of masks are no longer required to enter BMCC properties. However, sanitation stations (masks and hand sanitizer) will remain at each entrance.

NIFA Research Grant

Bay Mills Community College began the Anthropogenic Contributions of Contaminants of Emerging Concern and Their Foodweb Implications in Waishkey Bay, Michigan: With an Investigation of Freshwater Mussels as a Sentinel research initiative in fall 2017. The project is a collaboration between Bay Mills Community College and Bay Mills Biological Services that aims to investigate emerging and legacy chemicals within the Waishkey Bay.

In phase one of this research project, samples were collected from a few chosen locations within the Waishkey Bay and its contributing streams and rivers to investigate many chemicals in the pesticide and pharmaceuticals classes.

The second phase was initially aimed toward increasing the number of sample site locations and analyzing 3-4 chemicals of interest from each class (as identified during phase 1). However, samples were able to be analyzed for all investigated chemicals across the increased number of sites.

In future investigations, this project will include biota sampling. Bay Mills Community College and Bay Mills Biological Services have decided to conclude their investigation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products within the Waishkey Bay. Due to community concern, a new focus on the investigation of poly-fluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) will replace the former investigation of pharmaceuticals and personal care products. Pesticide and plastic analyses remain ongoing initiatives.

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Household chemicals: 

Agriculture and manure:

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