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Seven Sacred Teachings

The American Indian College Fund awarded Bay Mills Community College (BMCC) funds as part of a Community Awareness Think Indian grant in 2020. These funds allowed BMCC to commission a Bay Mills Tribal Member artist, Kalista Perron, to paint a Seven Sacred Teachings mural in the Michael C. Parish Administration Building. The mural includes voice recordings from BMCC faculty pronouncing the Anishinaabemowin word for each of the seven teachings, as well as voice recordings from BMCC students explaining what the teachings mean to them. It is our hope that the imagery depicted in this mural will promote the vibrancy of Anishinaabe culture, assist in cross-cultural understanding and diversity, and be a source of pride for Bay Mills Community College students, staff, and faculty.

Gaazhwenimowin (Love) to show compassion, unconditional love, and hold in your heart all of creation.













Minaadendimowin (Respect) to hold in high regard all of creation and treat all beings and things with kindness, honor, and dignity.













Aakide'ewin (Courage) to have a strong heart and confront obstacles with bravery.













Gwe'ekwaadiziwin (Honesty) to live with truth, honor, and integrity.













Dibaadendiziwin (Humility) to know you are an equal part of the creation and to walk in balance with it.













Debwewin (Truth) to embody honesty, love, respect, courage, humility, and wisdom.













Nibwaakaawin (Wisdom) to reach a state of enlightenment.



Kalista Perron is a young, talented member of the Bay Mills Indian Community. She is the daughter of Kalvin and Jamie Perron. Kalista is a senior at Saline High School. Her college plans include majoring in Political Science with a minor in Art. Her artistry has become well-known within our community, and we are proud she could share her talent with us.