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Inter-Tribal Basketball Tournament

Tournament Logo

Tournament Canceled: After much contemplation, our Inter-Tribal Basketball Tournament organizing team made the difficult decision to cancel this year's tournament in the best interest of everyone's health and well-being. We look forward to hosting the tournament in the spring of 2021 and are very grateful to all who committed to supporting this year's tournament. 

12 & Under (Coming Soon)

14 & Under (Coming Soon)

18 & Under (Coming Soon)

Open Bracket (Coming Soon)

**Note: There are 2 gymnasiums in Brimley School; the middle school gym, which is centrally located within the school and high school gym, which is located on the south end of the school. Please be aware of the location of your team's play. Good luck to all the teams.


  • Registration forms (online registration form available) must be completed and submitted to Bay Mills Community College on or before March 30, 2020. An early registration fee of $100 will be assessed for teams who submit their completed registration form on or before March 20. Teams who register after March 20 through March 30 will be assessed a $25 late fee plus the $100 registration fee. 
  • Teams MUST be comprised of at LEAST 50% Native American players. All Native American players must be able to provide a Tribal identification card or other verification of Native American descent or Tribal affiliation.
  • All Teams MUST be present at least one hour before their first game to register for the tournament.
  • Teams are encouraged to have team uniforms or matching colors on the floor.


  • Divisions consist of the following age groups:
    • 10 - 12 → Boys/Girls
    • 14 and Under → Boys/Girls
    • 18 and Under → Boys/Girls
    • Open (16-40) → Men/Women
      • This division is meant to be the top and most competitive.
      • The size and breakdown of this division will be based on the number of applicants.
    • Over 40 → Men and Women
      • Co-ed division: There is an opportunity for co-ed teams. The requirement will be as followed:
        • There MUST be at least a 2 to 3 ratio (girl to boy or boy to girl) ON the court at ALL times.
      • Note: Division will be dependent on the number of teams registered.
      • Note: Teams can NOT have any players on their roster that are older than the age division in which they are registered!
        • Any team with older members WILL result in the bumping of the entire team into the next division.


  • All players on the 1st place team, of a division, will receive a medallion.
  • There will be team trophies for the top 2 teams of the division.


  • ALL officials and team captains/leaders will attend the Official/Team Leader Meeting on Saturday, April 4th at 8 am. This meeting is expected to take roughly 30 minutes and will inform everyone of the tournament rules and schedules. Schedules will also be posted online and at both gymnasiums. Emergency contact information will be dispersed to all in attendance.


  • The schedule will be posted on the Inter-Tribal Basketball webpage on Wednesday, April 1, 2020
  • Every team is GUARANTEED at least 2 games
    • The elimination format will be determined by the number of teams registered in each division. Elimination formats may be double elimination or round-robin into single elimination. 


There will be concessions available throughout the day at both gymnasiums. Check out the Sault Visitors Bureau for a list of places to visit in the area.

Click here for a printable copy of the general information.

Dates: Canceled for 2020 (watch for 2021 date)

Where: Brimley High School Gymnasium
             7134 S M-221

Waishkey Center Gymnasium
12099 W Lakeshore Drive

LENGTH OF GAMES- All games will begin on the hour. Each game will be composed of two 20-minute, running-clock halves. All halftimes will be 3 minutes long. The clock will stop on any stoppage of play DURING THE LAST TWO MINUTES OF EACH HALF ONLY. All overtimes will be decided by a 2-minute overtime period. During this time, the clock will stop for all fouls and timeouts ONLY. IF still tied after overtime: age groups below 13 will be decided by a free throw competition; age groups above 13 will be decided by a three-point shoot-out.

OVERTIME – Free-Throw/Three-Point SHOOTOUT – Visiting team on the scoreboard will select a shooter he will go to the free-throw or three-point line and take one shot.  Make or miss, the home team on the scoreboard will go to the free-throw or three-point line and take a shot.  If both teams make or both teams miss the free throw or three-point shot, the shootout will go to the next round with the home team shooting first.  If one team makes the free throw or three-point shot and the other one misses, the game is over. 

TIMEOUTS AND FREE THROWS- Each team will be allowed two timeouts per game. Shooting fouls will result in one free throw worth two points. If the player is shooting a three-point shot, there will be one free throw for three points. On the seventh team foul, teams will shoot one free throw for two points.  Personal fouls will not be kept.  All technical, flagrant, and intentional fouls will result in one free throw for two points. In the last minute of each game, regular MHSAA rules apply.

Note: Any technical, flagrant, or intentional fouls CAN result in the dismissal of the player from the tournament if it is deemed to be malicious.

  • No fighting of any sort will be permitted! A thrown punch, shoving, swearing, or any other act that is considered an element of a fight WILL lead to an AUTOMATIC dismissal of the athletes involved. This behavior will not be tolerated.
    • ​The decision to remove a player will be made solely by either tournament director, Matt Romatz or Amber Stephan.

OFFICIALS –Tournament Officials will consist of LSSU basketball players and staff. Matthew Romatz and Amber Stephan will be present to answer questions and address concerns. 

Click here for a printable copy of the tournament rules.

Click the link to access the paper registration form or fill out the online registration form.

Brianna Gunka: [email protected]
Matt Romatz: [email protected] 
Amber Stephan: [email protected]