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Update: In compliance with the Phase Plan initiated by Bay Mills Tribal Council, Bay Mills Community College is operating with limited staff for services by appointment only. All visitors and staff are expected to wear masks upon entering the building and while conducting face-to-face meetings. Thank you for your patience. We will continue to keep everyone updated.

Bay Mills Indian Community is currently under Level 3 provisions. A copy of the Phase policy can be found here

College Placement Testing

The purpose of the placement test is to measure students' academic readiness for the advanced reading involved in college texts, the analytic writing required in college courses, and the complex college mathematics and algebraic skills required when earning a college degree. 

Bay Mills Community College requires all incoming students to take the exam to ensure that students are placed where they will be successful and where they will feel confident about their academic abilities. Our overriding concern is to make sure no individual is set up for frustration and failure by entering into a course that is too easy or too difficult.

The outcome of the placement test will influence the number of credits you need to graduate; therefore, it is important that you take this test seriously. The test is untimed but generally takes about two hours to complete, so we encourage students to allow themselves enough time to finish the test without rushing. You will need to do your best in each section to be placed in courses accordingly.

All newly admitted students will be placed in appropriate level courses. Placement in mathematics and English will be determined by SAT (2016 or later) or ACT (less than three years old) scores, previously completed college courses being transferred, or with an Accuplacer placement exam that is less than three years old. A computer placement exam is administered via a Google Form, which can be accessed here. The results of the placement test are used for advising purposes only and will not affect admission status.

Students enrolled in any certificate of completion program or the PANE program are not required to take the placement exam unless the student enrolls in a class outside the spectrum of the specified program.

The first test is offered free of charge and students will receive two copies of their score report. Students wishing to retake the placement test may do so for a $5.00 fee per attempt.

Online students will follow the same policies as either the new or returning on-campus BMCC students. Because academic enrichment (AE) courses are no longer offered online, students who test into an AE class will have the choice to either register for an on-campus AE course or retake the placement test to try for a higher level course. The student will receive one (1) free testing retake and must wait a minimum of thirty (30) days before attempting any follow-up retesting. Students wishing to retake the placement test can do so for a $5.00 fee per attempt.

The following policies apply to students who have not attended classes for one or more semesters and are now returning to BMCC.

If your English classes were taken three (3) or more years ago, you will be required to take the English placement exam consisting of both the reading and writing sections.

If your math classes were taken three (3) or more years ago, it is required you take the math placement exam consisting of the pre-algebra section.

If your computer classes were taken five (5) or more years ago, and you now wish to complete a degree requiring computer science courses, you will be required to take the placement exam. To begin the computer science placement exam, please click here.

Students who plan to attend class on-campus will need to come in to the Bay Mills Community College Library to take the test. Scheduling a time is not necessary – simply stop by the library during our business hours. The library’s hours are as follows:

Summer  (May – August)
Monday – Friday 8:00 AM – 4:30 PM

Fall and Spring (September – April)
Monday – Thursday  8:00 AM – 6:00 PM
Friday                        8:00 AM – 4:30 PM
Saturday                   10:00 AM – 2:00 PM

Students will need to bring a picture ID and their BMCC student ID number in order to test.  On-campus students MUST come in to test. 

Online students DO need to schedule testing. Although accommodations are made in order to allow you to test from your location, the test must still be started during our business hours.  Please call (906) 248-8418 in order to schedule a time and date.  The process of testing will be explained to you at that time.

    Taking the Test for admission to BMCC                                           $0.00


     Student wishing to retake the placement exam                             $5.00
    (Fee is the same amount regardless of how many sections
    of the test are taken)

    Student requesting a transcript copy of placement scores           $5.00
    (If student has a HOLD-a copy will not be provided to them)
    Student requesting a copy be sent to another institution              $5.00
    (If student has a HOLD-a copy will not be provided to them)
    Taking the test for admission at another institution                       $10.00
    (Student will need Student ID # from that institution)


**To pay fees, students need to see Wade Teeple, Cashier.