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Social Science Graphic BMCC’s Social Science Associate of Arts Program is designed to introduce students to the workings of human society and social behaviors. Students will examine groups, cultures, organizations, and social institutions and learn the way people develop socially. A career in social science can be a rewarding way to put study into practice. Opportunities in this career path include positions that use research and data to understand and improve society. Many of the top careers in social science are also expected to grow faster than average in the next ten years due to the need for qualified individuals to analyze data and trends.

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Social Science Associate's Degree Program

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Employment Information

Career options for a student who completes an associate's degree program in social science vary greatly. Students are provided with critical thinking, writing, and analysis skills that are applicable to many possible careers. Career options a student might pursue include:

  • Administration
  • Government service
  • Behavioral health

Many applied social sciences professionals work in colleges, universities, governments, and consulting services. With a degree in social sciences, many job fields open up because of the diversity of the degree. You could work as a social worker, social work technician, substance abuse counselor, mental health professional, law enforcement, administration, etc.

Salary Information

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, National Occupational Employment and Wages Estimates*, the following are the national median salaries. Starting salaries will generally be less than median salaries. Some positions may require a bachelor’s degree.   

Occupation National Annual Mean
Wage (Salary)
Expected Job Growth Rate
Social Worker $51,760 18%
Mental Health and Substance Abuse Social Worker  $54,540 1.6%
School Counselors     $58,120 8%

An Associate of Arts in Social Science is also a great bridge to a 4-year university. The BMCC program meets the Michigan Transfer Agreement requirements and therefore is accepted at all participating Michigan Universities. 

*Hyperlink and table last updated September 2021, the table here may not match if new data has been entered at the hyperlink location.

Contact Us

Employee photoTo learn more about Associate of Arts Social Science Program, contact:

Kathy Adair, Social Science Department Chair
Email: [email protected]
Office Phone: (906) 248-8404

See What Students are Saying about the Social Science Program

BMCC Student holding Psychology Book“This degree prepared me for my future. I was very fortunate that when I transferred to Central Michigan University, all of my classes transferred in and were applied to my degree program there; not only did my classes transfer, but the classes I had at BMCC really equipped me with the knowledge and skills to continue my education, which led me to earn a Bachelor’s of Science in Psychology at CMU.”  
-- Tenniel McLeod, TRIO/SSS Success Coach - Bay Mills Community College

“The social science program at BMCC changed my life. I am now doing things that I never thought would be possible. By using a multidisciplinary approach for their program, students are able to learn ways to better understand people and their environments- which helps give them an advantage when they enter the workforce. It was great as a stand-alone program and also provides a great base for those who wish to transfer to a 4-year university. Hands down one of the best decisions I have ever made.”  
-- Jessica Schimmelpenny Mills, 2016 Student at Western Michigan University, Specialty Program for Addictions of Drug/Alcohol