Mission and Objectives


As a tribally controlled community college and land grant institution, the mission of Bay Mills Community College is to provide quality educational opportunities, promote research and facilitate individual development in an accessible, community-based, and culturally diverse environment that supports and maintains the Anishinaabek culture and language.
In carrying out our mission, the BMCC Board of Regents stresses a positive, student-centered atmosphere, which promotes preservation of the customs and beliefs of Native Americans. The curriculum is designed to integrate traditional Native American values with higher education as a way of preparing students to assume responsible roles in their respective communities.



  • To provide the Native American communities of Michigan with educated and trained human resources.
  • To provide educational opportunities, including academic, research, vocational, basic skill building, cultural and in-service programs leading to appropriate certificates, degrees, and diplomas.
  • To foster a spirit of pride in Native American language, culture, and history through participation course work and cultural activities.
  • To provide a qualified, dedicated, student-centered staff and faculty.
  • To help students attain the necessary skills and self-esteem which will facilitate personal and career fulfillment.
  • To prepare and encourage all students to pursue advanced degrees.
  • To provide continuing and community education.

Vision Statement

With learning as its central mission, BMCC prepares students to become productive self-confident and responsible members of an increasingly diverse workforce by providing them with academic, technical, work, and life skills needed for successful transfer into baccalaureate programs or directly into the workforce. By establishing itself as an effective partner alongside other academic institutions, private and public sector employers, and neighboring communities, BMCC will ensure its long-term viability and positive impact on the Upper Great Lakes region. BMCC will work to ensure the viability and sustainability of the language, culture, and way of life of the Anishinaabe people while promoting and emphasizing life-long learning for all students.