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Student Services

If you know who your academic advisor is, you can ask any staff member and they can direct you to your advisor’s office. If you do not know who your academic advisor is, see anyone in Student Services, and they can help you. 

Take a look at your class syllabus. It will have information on how to contact your instructor by email or phone. There will also be information regarding your instructor’s office hours and location.

Yes, the staff at the Student Success Center uses the log in information for reports. It is very important for us to track how the center is used. The log in computer is located right next to the Assistant to the Dean of Student Service's desk, and she is available to assist you in logging in.

Please see Robin Bedell, Network Manager, located in the Administration Building to get your BMCC student ID card.

Extra-curricular activities are an integral part of student life at Bay Mills Community College. The college encourages students to participate in all activities and clubs sponsored by the Student Council and Student Services personnel. To learn more about student activities and clubs, please see Deb Wilson, Dean of Student Services.

Attendance and class participation are extremely helpful in developing a thorough understanding of course material. The BMCC Board of Regents has set a base attendance policy of 70% attendance, which is required in order to receive a grade of “C” or better in the respective course. Individual instructors, with the approval of the Department Chair, may set a course’s attendance policy higher to reflect the requirements of the individual course and discipline of study.

BMCC has an agreement with Advanced Office Technologies (AOT) to provide textbooks to our on-campus and online students; however, students may purchase their books from any source available. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure he/she has ordered correct textbooks from a reliable source and that the textbooks arrive in time to start their classes. You can view our textbook listings for on-campus and online by clicking here.

If you need to miss class, please refer to your class syllabus for your instructor’s contact information and contact the instructor right away.

Please see any Student Support Services staff for information on referral services or go to the BMCC website by clicking on the following link: (still need to add link)

Yes, in order to have your test proctored, you will need to schedule for an appointment. Heather Church, Assistant to the Dean of Student Services, is available to schedule appointments either in person, email, or by phone. Her phone number is 906-248-8456; email: