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Placement Test - Policies & Procedures

Students MUST have picture identification and a student number before the test will be administered. Student numbers are assigned when you apply.

The purpose of the Placement Test is to measure a student’s academic readiness for the advanced reading involved in college tests, the analytic writing required in college courses, and the complex college mathematics and algebraic skills required when earning a college degree.

New BMCC Students

All newly admitted students must schedule and complete the placement test OR provide results of previous testing OR have successfully completed college courses in mathematics and English.  The results of the placement test are used for advising purposes only and will not affect admission status.

PANE students do not need to take the placement test unless they take a class outside the PANE program. 

The first test is offered free of charge and students will receive two copies of their score report.  Fees for further testing and copies of score reports can be seen below.

Online Students

Online students will follow the same policies as either the new or returning on-campus BMCC students.  Because academic enrichment (AE) courses are no longer offered online, students who test into an AE class will have the choice of either registering for an on-campus AE course or retesting to try for a higher level course.  The student will receive one (1) free retest and must wait at least thirty (30) days between all retests.  Any further retesting will follow the fees listed below.

Returning BMCC Students

The following policies apply to students who have not attended classes for one or more semesters and are now returning to BMCC.

If your English classes were taken three (3) or more years ago, you will be required to take the English placement exam, consisting of both the reading and writing sections.

If your math classes were taken three (3) or more years ago, it is required you take the math placement exam, consisting of the pre-algebra section.

If your computer classes were taken five (5) or more years ago, and you now wish to complete a degree requiring computer science courses you will be required to take the placement exam, consisting of all three sections of the exam.