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Welcome new students, faculty, and staff! If you're having trouble accessing your BMCC email, Moodle, Student Records, etc. you can submit a ticket at Please be sure to include a currently active external email address of yours (or phone number where you can be reached), like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on. After submitting a ticket using the form, if you're not seeing a reply in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk folder for a reply. You can call IT to check on your ticket status by calling (906) 248-3354, toll free: (866) 967-2622 (BMCC) and ask for the Information Technology or IT department.

Placement Testing

On campus students with documented disabilities must contact Kelly Bedell, Student Disabilities Coordinator at (906)248-8432 or [email protected] to receive assistance and accommodations.

Online students with documented disabilities must contact Wendy Heyrman, Academic Specialist for Online Learning at (906)248-8403 or [email protected] to receive assistance and accommodations.

You will receive your results immediately after testing.  Online students will be sent their course recommendations via email.

The placement test is designed to be user friendly for anyone – even those with no computer experience.  The only skill that you will need is the ability to click with a mouse.

This web page includes sample questions that are similar to questions you will see on the placement test.  Another website,,may also be helpful.

 If you are unhappy with your scores, retesting is available.  Each retest will cost $5.00, regardless of how many sections of the test are taken.  Please remember that although you may be unhappy with your scores, the course recommendation you initially received is likely to be the course that you will be most successful in.

Placement scores from other schools count as long as they are less than three years old.  If they are older than three years, you will need to retest.  Also, if you took the “E-Write” section rather than the “Writing” section, you may need to take just the writing portion of the test.

Test results are good for three years.  If it has been longer than three years and you have taken a break between semesters, you will need to retest.

Students will need to bring a picture ID with them (as proof of their identity) and will also need their seven digit student ID number.  A calculator is provided on the test.

On-campus students do not need to schedule.  Online students do need to schedule and can do so by calling (906) 248-8418.