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Welcome new students, faculty, and staff! If you're having trouble accessing your BMCC email, Moodle, Student Records, etc. you can submit a ticket at Please be sure to include a currently active external email address of yours (or phone number where you can be reached), like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and so on. After submitting a ticket using the form, if you're not seeing a reply in your inbox, be sure to check your spam or junk folder for a reply. You can call IT to check on your ticket status by calling (906) 248-3354, toll free: (866) 967-2622 (BMCC) and ask for the Information Technology or IT department.

Online Learning

A proctor is an approved person that administers an exam to a BMCC student and agrees to fulfill the proctor responsibilities required by BMCC. The proctor will verify a student’s identity by checking a photo ID and will ensure academic integrity guidelines during exams are followed (e.g., no notes, textbooks, outside assistance, etc.).

Who can be a proctor?

Some online courses may require students to take one or more tests/exams in a proctored setting during the course.  Check your course syllabus in Moodle to determine whether or not your course requires a proctor.  It is the student’s responsibility to locate and designate an acceptable proctor.

This is an exam taken online through Moodle under the administration of a proctor. Your proctor will need to have a computer with internet access available for you to take your online exams. You will not be permitted to utilize your own personal computer. Once you have accessed your exam in Moodle, the proctor will enter a password that will open the exam for you.

Yes.  All students are welcome to visit campus in person and participate in and utilize all student services here at BMCC.  

You can view your account details anytime by logging into Student Records or from the BMCC website and click on the Student Records Icon.  If you need help with your Empower Student Records password you can contact:

IT Support
[email protected]
(906) 248-3354

Please refer to the Academic calendar for specific semester dates.  Most online classes are offered for 15 weeks in an asynchronous format, meaning you log into class each week at a time that is convenient for you unless otherwise stated by your instructor. That does not mean, however, that frequent and consistent access to the online class is not required, in fact, we strongly encourage it. Online classes may also meet online at scheduled times for chat sessions; this will be determined by the instructor in each course.


Kendra Voris
Director of Distance Learning
[email protected]
(906) 248-8402

Information Technology
[email protected]
(906) 248-3354

Your syllabi for all classes, both online and on campus, can be found in your Moodle classroom. You should have access to Moodle a week prior to the start date of your courses.  

Attendance and class participation are part of developing a thorough understanding of the material covered in these courses.  BMCC policy states that a minimum of seventy percent (70%) attendance is required to receive a grade of C or better.  Grades of incomplete will only be given under exceptional circumstances, and only if the student has completed 70% of course requirements with a passing grade.  ON-LINE students must log on and complete weekly assignments to demonstrate attendance in online classes.

Book listings for both on campus and online classes can be found here.