TRiO Staff & Tutors


Megan Norman, TRiO-SSS Director

RM 141, Administration Building

Phone: 906-248-8414


Diane Sliger, TRiO-SSS Academic Advisor

RM 140, Administration Building

Phone: 906-248-8476


Online Student Disabilities Coordinator

Email Diane for accommendations.


Breanna Sliger
TRiO-SSS Student Assistant

TRiO-SSS Lab, Administration Building​



Tutors are available to all students at the BMCC Learning Center.  We at TRiO would like to introduce the three tutors below to you.  These tutors, as well as others, are available to help you be successful.  Be sure to check out the Learning Center tutoring hours! 

BMCC Learning Center


Kelly Slater
BMCC & TRiO-SSS Professional English Tutor

BMCC Learning Center

Hours: Monday & Wednesday                                                                                                            


Hours: Tuesday & Thursday

All English Classes and Scholarship Essays   

Online English Tutoring    

Fill out this form to schedule an online English appointment                                                                                           

Jan Miller
TRiO-SSS Professional Math Tutor

TRiO-SSS Lab, Administration Building

Hours: Monday - Thursday                                                                                                           


All Math Classes                 

Online Math Tutoring       

Email Jan at for an online Math appointment. You will need Skype for your tutoring. Download Skype here.                                                                             

Sierra Hascall
TRiO Math (MA114 and Lower) Peer Tutor
Hours: Monday-Thursday