TRiO Student Support Services is funded by the US Department of Education to provide a comprehensive range of services. The program is in place to encourage opportunities for academic development, assist students with basic college requirements, and to motivate students toward the successful completion of their postsecondary education.   Its aim is to increase college retention, graduation and/or transfer to a 4-year institution.


What classes should I sign up for?  How do I pay for college?  What should my major be?  Where is the financial aid office?  How do I get scholarships?  When should I talk to my professor?  What if I have to miss class?  What if my child has a soccer game?  Can I get tutoring help for math?  How do I decide where to go next, where and when should I transfer?


TRiO Staff is here to help you find the answers that are just right for you!  Services may include, but are not limited to:

•  One-on-one advising

•  Career Counseling

•  Professional Tutoring

•  Career and Learning Style Testing

•  Transfer Assistance

•  University Tours

•  Cultural Trips

•  Workshops (covering many topics including financial and economic literacy)

•  Financial Aid Counseling

•  Scholarship Counseling

How to Join TRiO

Student fills out data sheet during registration. Staff determines eligibility from data
(federal guidelines determining eligibility explained)

TRiO Scholarship

Click on the link to see the scholarship requirements: Defying the Odds TRiO Scholarship Requirements Brochure

Community Resources

Sault tribe of Chippewa Indians:

Head start programs - (906) 635-7722 or 635-7047

Protective Services Tribal:

Chippewa County:  632-5250
Luce County:         341-6993
Mackinaw County:  643-8103

Diane Peppler/Domestic Abuse Shelter

Sault:                      635-0566
Newberry:               293-4853
Bay Mills Behavioral Health:  248-8300

Mental Health Services:

Hiawatha Behavioral Health

Sault:                      632-2805
St. Ignace:              643-8616

For a listing of area food banks, call or drop in to the TRiO offices and see, Kathy, Megan or Floyd

Volunteer Opportunities

UNITED WAY of Chippewa County: 253-9839 Sault MI.

Habitat for Humanity: 632-5464 Sault MI.

Tendercare: 635-1518 Sault MI.

Hospice of Chippewa County: 253-3151

American Red Cross:

Biz Bauer
Donor Recruitment Representative
American Red Cross

Chippewa County Animal Shelter: 632-2519