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Waishkey Bay Farm

Children Planting at the Waishkey Bay Farm

Bay Mills Community College's Waishkey Bay Farm is a 40 acre property being developed as a teaching, research and incubator facility focusing on sustainable agriculture utilizing farming methods and techniques inherent in traditional Anishinaabek culture.  Current operations include hoop house vegetable production, hosting a community garden, pasture poultry production and processing, domestic blueberry production & novel berry research, tending honey bee hives and raising grass-fed beef.  Waishkey Bay Farm has been MAEAP verified since 2013.

Location/address : 10135 W Mills Road, Brimley, MI (location only, no mail service)

Hours:  M-F 9 am – 3 pm; call ahead as we often have off farm errands

Gitigaan Hall Phone:  (906)248-1097


TBD - Farm Manager

Wilmer Noganosh - Farm Technician, 102

Cloud Sparks - Food Systems Technician, 105

Brianna Gunka - TCU VISTA, 104


Wilmer Noganosh:

Cloud Sparks:

Brianna Gunka:

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Calender of Events

Monthly Wiisinidaa M’no Miijim (Let’s Eat Good Food)Potlucks/Meetings

Usually held the 2nd Thursday of the month (except in Aug, Sept, Dec) at
Gitigaan Hall, Waishkey Bay Farm, starting at 6:00 pm with meeting to follow     

Wednesday, May 10, 2017 – Wiisinidaa M’no Miijim  and Cottage Food Law Training

Thursday, June 8, 2017 – Wiisinidaa M’no Miijim  -- Domestic Mushroom Production?

Thursday, July 13, 2017 – Wiisinidaa M’no Miijim

Thursday, Oct. 12, 2017 – Wiisinidaa M’no Miijim

Thursday, Nov. 9, 2017 – Wiisinida M’no Miijim


Upcoming Events/Workshops:

Sat., May 6 10 am -3 pm Community Seed Starting Party, Waishkey Bay Farm

Sat. June 17, Wild Mushroom Identification Certification, time & location TBD

BMCC Science Camp, Summer 2017, dates TBD

Thursdays July 27 – October 5 Bay Mills/Brimley Farmers Market, 4 – 7 pm,

BMRC north parking lot

Sat. Aug. 12, Pasture Poultry Processing, time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

Tues. Aug. 8, Dehydration Workshop, 5-8pm, Waishkey Bay Farm

Sat. Aug. 26, Pasture Poultry Processing, time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

Sat. Sept. 2, Pasture Poultry Processing, time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

Sat. Sept. 9, Pasture Poultry Processing, time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

Tues. Sept. 12, Canning Workshop, 5-9pm, Waishkey Bay Farm

4th Annual Cider Squeeze, date & time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

3rd Annual Honey Pot Gathering, date & time TBD, Waishkey Bay Farm

Community Garden Plots – contact Cloud Sparks at 248-1097, ext. 105

Community Beef Herd Shares (whole, half or quarter live steer)

Pasture Poultry (processed chicken)

Natural Honey

This program started in 2016 to encourage community ownership of the beef herd at Waishkey Bay Farm.  Folks have the option of purchasing an entire herd share (1 live steer), ½ herd share (1/2 live steer) or ¼ herd share (1/4 live steer).  Your cattle are raised in a good, healthy, sustainable way.  We have sourced great, local grass-based genetics for cattle that thrive in a grass-fed system!  During the grazing season, your cattle are moved gently within grazing cells of each paddock in a rotational system.  In the winter, your cattle are fed hay grown without any chemicals on BMIC hay ground, as well as alfalfa pellets.  They do not consume grain or GMO feeds, of any kind.  As owners of the cattle, folks pay a monthly boarding fee for alfalfa pellets, straw (bedding), mineral & salt throughout the ownership period; there is no charge for hay grown on BMIC land or for farm staff’s labor.  When cattle are ready to be processed, they are hauled to the local processor of the owners’ choice; all processing costs are the responsibility of the owners.

If you are interested to learn more about this opportunity or to purchase a herd share in the Community Beef Herd for your own great-tasting, healthy, well-raised, local beef, please contact the Waishkey Bay Farm at (906)248-1097!  

TBD - Farm Manager

Wilmer Noganosh, Farm Technician - Can be contacted by phone at (906)248-1097 ext. 102 or by email at

Cloud Sparks, Food Systems Technician - Can be contacted by phone at (906)248-1097 ext. 105 or by email at

Brianna Gunka, TCU VISTA - Brianna has committed herself to a full year of national service dedicated to eradicating poverty in America with AmeriCorps VISTA, focusing on Tribal Colleges and Universities. While her office is located at the Farm, Brianna is often found on Main Campus or around the greater Bay Mills area. Over the course of the next year, Brianna will assist in developing capacity for the Farm by writing grant proposals, developing Waishkey Bay Farm’s mission statement and strategic plan, developing workshops focusing on sustainable agriculture; healthy and nutritious living; and much more. Brianna can be contacted by phone at (906) 248-1097 ext. 104 or by email at